Transliterate, 2013

A collaborative exhibition at Craft House Gallery in Grand Rapids, MI where  artists created work for the show in response to Richard Blanco's poem "One Today". With artists Amanda Carmer, Matt Gubancsik, Eana Agopian, Ethan Ross, Jillian Brown, and Rob Wikinson.

You can hear the poem read by the participants and others in this video:


SiTE:Lab "Knights of Pythias", 2012

Collaborative exhibition in abandoned former fraternal organization headquarters. With artists Amanda Carmer, Matt Gubancsik, Ethan Ross, Jillian Brown, and Rob Wikinson.

SiTE:Lab, Blandford Nature Center, 2012

Collaborative installation using the open space at a nature center for artist's created croquet course. With artist Eleanor Gatewood.

SiTE:Lab, "Michigan, Land of Riches" , 2011

Collaborative installation using the old facilities of Grand Rapids Public Museum. With artists Bridgette Broughman, Eleanor Gatewood, and Emily Gerlach.

ArtPrize 2009-12

ArtPrize is a radically open, independently organized international art competition. Artists are matched with venues in a three square mile section of downtown Grand Rapids, MI.


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SiTE:Lab, "Land of Riches"

installation shot of former museum dental health display